To qualify for services through Care Connection Manatee (“CCM”) you must be: 

  • Uninsured 
  • A Manatee County resident 
  • Need assistance with access to health care or other social services. 

Physical Health

Health Care Management/Coordination
  • Manatee County Health Care Program (aka “Good County”) Applications
  • Assistance finding a free or low-cost Primary Care Physician
  • Applying for national patient assistance funds, including medical supplies, prescriptions, and general support
  • Establishing care after hospital discharge
  • Creating a roadmap for care after a medical episode

Benefits Navigation 

Benefits Eligibility Screening
  • Medicaid Applications  
  • Understanding and appealing benefits denials
  • Food Stamp Applications  
  • Food Pantries Information  
  • Housing Information
  • Family Resources  
  • Self-advocacy and much more!

Individual & Family Support 

Social Service Case Management 
  • Strengthen support networks.
  • Referral for services, support, and local programs
  • Appropriate linkage with community resources
  • Develop and complete Support Plan with goals. 

The CCM program website and flyer indicate our services offered. If you are interested in participating or receiving services, contact us at (941) 755-3952 or email ccm@wecaremanatee.org. 

Referrals from providers and community partners should be faxed to (941) 870- 8503 or emailed to ccm@wecaremanatee.org and should include: 

  • A Care Connection Manatee Referral Form (Link Here
  • Notes regarding the services needed. 
  • Contact information for the client 

Driver’s License, Passport, Florida ID Card, Permanent Resident Alien Card 

Proof of Age

Driver’s License, Passport, State ID Card 

Manatee County Address 

ID with Manatee County address, Utility Bill, Lease Agreement, Bank/Bill Statement, or mailed government document. 

  • 12 Weeks of Pay Stubs, Employer Verification, or Self-employed Record. *Depends on services requested 
  • If Not Working – Letter of Support from someone who is providing for your needs with amount of in-kind support provided. 

No, the CCM program services are at no cost to the participant.

The CCM program will refer individuals and families with financial needs to the nearest and most appropriate social service agency that will best meet their needs. We do not provide direct financial assistance.

Each appointment is unique. Some appointments are 45 minutes, or one hour, depending on the needs of each individual. Please check with the staff or call the Office before attending.

  • Disability Applications
  • Private Insurance Advice
  • Legal Advice
  • DCF/ACCESS Interviews
  • Direct Financial Assistance
  • Dispensing Prescriptions

Don’t see your question answered? Please call the We Care Manatee office at (941)755-3952 or email ccm@wecaremanatee.org and a staff member will be happy to assist you! 

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