Connecting Manatee County Residents to Medical Care and Services.

Care Connection Manatee provides services for Manatee County residents with free quality medical care assistance and linkage to local partners and providers to overcome barriers in navigating the healthcare system.

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Uninsured? Need Primary Care? We Can Help.

Care Connection Manatee will provide comprehensive care coordination services to clients residing in Manatee County. The program will support clients by providing services that assess their needs, connect them to resources that improve their well-being, and increase general stability.


Need assistance with access to health care or other social services. Do not qualify for Medicaid/Medicaid.
ID with Manatee County address, Utility Bill, Lease Agreement, Bank/Bill Statement, or mailed government document.

Driver’s License, Passport, State ID Card


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Care Connection Manatee is not just a program; it’s a coalition of local providers working together to enhance the health and well-being of uninsured residents in Manatee County.

Manatee Memorial Hospital
Turning Points - Where Compassioin Takes Action
CAN Community Health
CenterPlace Health
Manatee County Florida
Charles & Margery Barancik

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